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Oct 11

October 11, 2012

My First Minion!

I’ve been taking advantage of the weather lately and working on my computer outside. Now, this would be even more lovely if I wasn’t working on my dissertation/exegesis. I’m getting there, but it’s slow and tedious work to make sure I’m saying what I want to say. My consolation today has been acquiring my first minion. I asked my niece if she would like to write my dissertation for me, and she dutifully said ‘yep’. Now, if only she could…

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Oct 9

October 9, 2012

Lemon Mallow Slice – Marshmallow Fail

Yesterday I mentioned I was going to tell you all about why I didn’t post on friday. Well, this happened: Since it was my birthday last saturday and we were having a picnic, I decided rather than cake that what I wanted was my Nanna’s Lemon Mallow Slice, and the disaster that is the photo above happened. It wasn’t meant to turn out like that, really it wasn’t, but that photo is proof of what happens when you do not…

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Oct 8

October 8, 2012


Apologies for the lack of posts over the last few days. I meant to post friday, but didn’t because this happened: I’ll get to what it is and what it was supposed to be tomorrow. Saturday didn’t happen because it was my birthday. I had a fabulous day. Had pancakes for breakfast: Got these from my sister: And spent the afternoon with family at Lake Leschenaultia: If you haven’t been there, go. It’s a man-made lake east of Mundaring in the…

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Oct 3

October 3, 2012

Today’s Accessory Is …

Mittens! I decided while sitting at my desk actually doing some work that I needed to wear some knitting. So I went and grabbed these and popped them on. It’s been an overcast day here and it’s as good excuse for me as any to wear them. Pattern: Evangeline by Michelle Szeghalmi-Shirley Yarn: Madelinetosh Tosh Vintage in Pop Rocks Mods: While I knitted the long version of these, I did make some mods. I cast on less stitches (36) otherwise…

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Oct 2

October 2, 2012

Welcome one and all

Well, it’s taken me a while to do something about finally putting together a website. I’ve had the domain name for a year or so with the plan being to put this together and get myself out there, but it has taken me ages to do anything about it. But now it’s up. It even has a custom header. There isn’t much here at the moment, but I’m hoping to add to that, when I can pull myself away from…

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