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Dec 24

December 24, 2012

Spider Season

It’s spider season at my place and that means the house gets invaded by a lot of spiders, most of them are either wolf or huntsmen. This, I understand. It’s nice in my house. Better than outside in the heat and the bonus is the inside of the house resembles a tree. If you think I’m joking about this, I’m not. Sometimes it feels like I live inside a tree with all the wood in this place, but I digress….

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Dec 17

December 17, 2012

Well? Isn’t that what the tree is for?

Last year was Riley’s first Christmas, so of course once the tree was inside and decorated, this happened: His reaction, upon seeing the tree in the house and decorated was to run straight at it and climb up, perch himself on the branches and try to get the decorations off. The look he had for week was *best present ever!* The result of this, is that the tree still has cat shaped holes in the branches, despite any attempt to…

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Dec 3

December 3, 2012

General Update and where I’ve been, or haven’t been for the past week

My apologies for the lack of posting. I meant to, but I’ve been unwell. Again. I’m not going to go into what it was that has kept me not being constructive for the last week, mainly because I don’t want to dwell on what I had for the third time this year. Instead, I’m trying to finish this chapter of my dissertation before my brain gives up on anything academic for the year, which it is liable to do considering…

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Nov 21

November 21, 2012

One of those days …

I feel like I’m fighting a losing battle today. I’m trying to get this next section of my dissertation written but my brain refuses to string two coherent paragraphs together ( I do know why, I didn’t get enough sleep). It will write one, then another, but they have little correlation to each other except that one goes at the beginning and the other at the end. It isn’t any help at all. And then, when I think I might just…

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Oct 31

October 31, 2012


Happy Halloween/Samhain/Beltain wherever you are in the world. Growing up Halloween wasn’t a popular festival to celebrate. I didn’t go trick or treating and the only chance I got for a party was when a friend had one to celebrate her birthday a few days later. It hasn’t been a ‘thing’ here to do and has only grown in popularity in the last decade. For me, Halloween has always been less about the festivities, partly because of the above, but…

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