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Nov 29

November 29, 2016

Designer Spotlight: Mary Annarella of Lyrical Knits

There are two days left for you to get patterns at 25% off as a part of the Indie Designers Gift-a-long and I thought I’d show you some of my favourite designers who are participating over the next day or so. I love knitting cardigans and jumpers* and I love the designs of Mary Annarella of Lyrical Knits. I’ve knit two of her Simplicity cardigans (ideal for Perth spring) and admire many of her others. She always looks so elegant in…

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Nov 25

November 25, 2016

Cottesloe Days - convertible scarf version

Design: Cottesloe Days

I grew up near the beach. Within walking distance of it. I now live much further away, but I miss the constant smell of salt in the air. Cottesloe Days is named after one of the local Western Australian beaches, and is inspired by striped beach towels. Cottesloe Days is knit using a fingering weight yarn and is designed so you can use as many or as few colours as you wish. While the versions I made are long, it’s…

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Feb 3

February 3, 2014

Photos, Editing, editing and more editing. Ugh. Also knitting

Do you like the new photo of leaves at the top of the front page? I do. I took it a few weeks ago of a lipstick maple with a macro lens. I don’t do this often enough and I love how it came out. All I did to the image was to crop it. No filter, no tampering of any sort. My favourite kind of photography. I’m back into uni work/editing mode and I’m editing two different books at…

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Jul 18

July 18, 2013


It’s thursday afternoon and I’ve given up trying to get much of anything done as my shoulder has decided to start aching and it’s making typing annoying as I keep having to stop and start, resting it so it doesn’t get worse. I know why it’s doing it, but it’s annoying. I want to finish shredding this dissertation. Anyway, it’s thursday, first blog of the week (whoops) and I really don’t have much to tell you. I’ve been shredding this…

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Jul 12

July 12, 2013

New Email

I have a new email address! I’ve been meaning to do this and add this here for a while. Since it’s friday, my uni work is boring, I’m tired and it’s the end of the day setting up a new email address and telling you all about it seemed like a much better idea. So, if you want to get in touch with me you can get me at: mitenaex [at] gmail [dot] com. Please, no spam mail, don’t try…

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Oct 30

October 30, 2012

Spider Alert

Thought I’d warn everyone about the photo I’m going to post just in case you don’t like spiders. I’m not the sort of person that will go picking them up. I mostly try to take them outside if I find them in the house, but not these. That is a red back spider, hanging off a photo in the hallway. I found it there yesterday, so after finding it, my first response was not to remove it but take photos….

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Oct 26

October 26, 2012

Whoops, that week went quickly

Well, it seems it’s been another of those weeks for me. I had hoped to write about what I’ve been reading lately, but I’ve been caught in the grips of needing to get this chapter done for my PhD, so I won’t get to it until next week. But I have been thinking a lot about it, about what I wanted to write up, and that is worlds. What draws me to reading them, and to re-reading them. I still…

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Oct 22

October 22, 2012

Drive-By Update

I didn’t mean to leave it so long between blog posts and I think it’s a case of life getting in the way. Life here = PhD. For the last week I’ve been bogged down in finishing a draft of the next chapter of my dissertation. I managed to get it finished friday and now it just needs to sit and marinate while I work on the next bit (which is really reading a book, and I should probably go…

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Oct 17

October 17, 2012

How to Rescue a Lizard in Three Easy Steps

When attempting to rescue a skink or other small creature from a cat it is important to follow a few key steps. 1. Follow the cat and do not let it out of your site. This may mean chasing the cat around the house while it carries it’s prey in an attempt to keep it, but not following the cat may result in having to clean up the mess. 2. Take the prey off the cat. At some point the…

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Oct 12

October 12, 2012

Late night drive-by post: tick!

Technically it’s saturday where I am and well, I meant to post earlier. I also meant to have a far more productive day. Instead non-productive stuff got in the way, like needing to travel to civilisation to procure a birthday present for my nephew, not having enough sleep so that all my brain would do when faced with the prospect of writing the next bit of my dissertation was go ‘huh?’. And discovering a tick. On me. Not the most…

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