About Me

Rather than giving you a treatise on me and my life, here are some things about me instead that you may or may not want to know, but I’m going to tell you anyway.

I live in the hills above Perth in Western Australia.

I am owned by several cats and frequently find myself without a bed.

I am a PhD student working on my novel and exegesis on King Arthur with the University of Western Australia.


I am a knitter and soon to be published designer.

I can take a pretty decent photograph.

I can draw. See the header? That’s mine. It’s pen (black ballpoint, fine) and watercolour.

I have been drawing, sketching, painting, for longer than I can write.

I’ve been writing stories for a long time.

I have *lots* of books. There’s a tottering pile on the desk behind me that I don’t have shelf space for.

While I was supposed to be reading Pride and Prejudice in high school I was actually reading Stephen King. I didn’t finish the book, P&P, not King I finished that, on the basis that it was ‘romantic, fluffy, B.S.’. I have since read the book and I still am not a fan of that era of writing.

I am on twitter, facebook, goodreads and ravelry (you’ll need to ask to follow/friend me on the first two).

I love gadgets. I get this from my grandmother. She loved gadgets too.

My love of books comes from my grandfather.

I don’t like shoes. I prefer my uggs (not the brand, here they’re just known as ugg boots) or bare feet when possible.

I tend to sit cross-legged on seats. I am now. I got told off for doing this in Math. Didn’t stop me.

I don’t have a surname. Really I don’t. Computers and admin don’t like me as a result.

I’ve written reviews for ASiF! You can find them over here. The header photo on that site is one of mine, as are the books.

You can contact me at: mitenaex [at] gmail [dot] com