Designer Spotlight: Mary Annarella of Lyrical Knits

There are two days left for you to get patterns at 25% off as a part of the Indie Designers Gift-a-long and I thought I’d show you some of my favourite designers who are participating over the next day or so.

Image copyright Mary Annarella
Image copyright Mary Annarella

I love knitting cardigans and jumpers* and I love the designs of Mary Annarella of LyricaKnits. I’ve knit two of her Simplicity cardigans (ideal for Perth spring) and admire many of her others. She always looks so elegant in the photos and I like the fit of her designs. I’m not much into wearing tents, as I’ve taken to calling the very oversized jumpers I’ve seen. It’s too much fabric for me and I suspect if I did knit one the cats** would claim it whether I was wearing it or not. I prefer waist shaping and I love and fit of Mary’s designs. They skim the body in just the right way.

I particularly love the idea of Shleeves. It’s a lace weight (2ply) shawl with sleeves, enabling the shawl to stay put.  It’s a very clever idea.

Image copyright Mary Annarella
Image copyright Mary Annarella

If I had a must knit list for cardigans, which I don’t because it’s just getting hot here (it was almost 40C on Saturday) and I can’t think beyond anything lace weight, then You Wear it Well would be on it. In green. Or navy. Or red. I love the all over ribbing and the how it looks casual and slouchy without being oversized. It’s just the thing for wearing with jeans, when I’m at my desk, writing and freezing.

Mary also designs shawls, hats and cowls. Her Ravelry shop is lovely to look through.

Some of her designs are 25% off at the moment as a part of the Indie Designers Gift-a-long. You can find her eligible designs in her bundle.

Happy Knitting!

Don’t forget my patterns are 25% off on Ravelry until 11.59pm US EST November 30th 2016 (about 00.59am 1st Dec AWST)


*sweater, pullover.

**They’ve claimed an old store-bought poncho as theirs. I made the mistake one day of draping over the back of the lounge for five minutes. I’ve never been allowed to take it back and they get very offended when it’s stolen to be washed.