Happy Halloween/Samhain/Beltain wherever you are in the world.

Growing up Halloween wasn’t a popular festival to celebrate. I didn’t go trick or treating and the only chance I got for a party was when a friend had one to celebrate her birthday a few days later. It hasn’t been a ‘thing’ here to do and has only grown in popularity in the last decade.

For me, Halloween has always been less about the festivities, partly because of the above, but mainly because today is, well, now was, my Grandmother’s birthday. I always loved that she had her birthday on Halloween, I still do.

But today is about me remembering her, for this is the second Halloween I’ve had without her around and I miss her. I miss all my grandparent, but today, her especially.

This photo was taken by me at a memorial for my other grandmother, but I feel they’re appropriate here.

Happy Birthday and I miss you.