How to Rescue a Lizard in Three Easy Steps

When attempting to rescue a skink or other small creature from a cat it is important to follow a few key steps.

1. Follow the cat and do not let it out of your site. This may mean chasing the cat around the house while it carries it’s prey in an attempt to keep it, but not following the cat may result in having to clean up the mess.

2. Take the prey off the cat. At some point the cat will stop and drop it, mainly because it will run and then the cat will get to chase the prey. This is the point you want to make your move. Step in an attempt to take it off your cat. You will need to be quick and avoid the claws, as the cat will definitely want it’s toy back. If you are unable to catch it, wait until the cat has it in its mouth and pick the cat up.

3. Release the prey outside. Or take cat and prey outside. Put cat on ground and while holding collar tap cat on head to loosen mouth. If done correctly, cat will drop prey and it will scurry off.

Today’s rescue count: 1 silver-eye bird, 1 small skink.