Want to see the book I’m working on?

While it may not be what you expected, that is my book, or at least, how it started out. This is a film/scriptwriting habit I picked up at uni. Each card is a scene/location and it has the plot points of what needs to happen in that scene. The scraps of paper on top are the major plot points of the story. This stayed up for quite a while and I only took it down when I was ready to write.

The story changed slightly as I was writing it, but that is still the bones of it, laid out in order so I could look over it and see how it felt before I got down to writing it. I find it works well for a story that has to work to a specific framework, like this one has had to. It also helps me to keep on track and to not go off into unnecessary weird and unplanned tangents, which I sometimes have had a tendency to do in the past.

I like the way the story has shaped, even if it still needs more editing. Editing seems to be a never endless task, and just when you think you’re done, you find something else that needs fixing.