It’s thursday afternoon and I’ve given up trying to get much of anything done as my shoulder has decided to start aching and it’s making typing annoying as I keep having to stop and start, resting it so it doesn’t get worse. I know why it’s doing it, but it’s annoying. I want to finish shredding this dissertation.

Anyway, it’s thursday, first blog of the week (whoops) and I really don’t have much to tell you. I’ve been shredding this dissertation all week and dreaming of new knitted things to design, that is when I have power.

See, on tuesday (that’s 16/7/13) a ‘storm’ came through. I didn’t see much of it here, just a bit of rain and some high winds in the early hours of wednesday, but we did lose power late tuesday. Every time we get weather even close to resembling winter (mainly rain/thunderstorm/high winds) I know there’s a massive chance the power will go out. It seems every time the electrical system sees a storm coming it decides it’s out of here and ups and vanishes. Usually for days. This time it was back on by the next morning, but it meant on tuesday night I couldn’t knit as it was too dark even with the lantern on and I had to fire up the BBQ to get a hot drink. No way was I going to a cold bed without one.

My ginger cat of course found this fun. He spent ages racing up and down the passage and teasing the other cats in the dark before he settled on a cushion in front of the fire for the night. If my mattress wasn’t so heavy I would have been tempted to drag it there and join him. I’m sure the cats would have all approved and thought me terribly sensible.

My excitement with that was over early in the week and the rest of the week will consist of more boring dissertation shredding. It’s getting there and I must keep reminding myself that it is for some days it feels like I’m up to my neck in mud.