Welcome one and all

Well, it’s taken me a while to do something about finally putting together a website. I’ve had the domain name for a year or so with the plan being to put this together and get myself out there, but it has taken me ages to do anything about it. But now it’s up. It even has a custom header.

There isn’t much here at the moment, but I’m hoping to add to that, when I can pull myself away from my uni work. I have added a bit about me, as well as a photo if you’re interested in knowing more and I will add to that page as I think of it, as well as other pages once I get them written.

In the meantime, would you like to know about my current WIP? For muggles (aka non-knitters, yes, the term has been poached) that’s work-in-progress and technically it refers as much to my knitting as my writing.

So, my knitting WIP’s first. Actually, there are two. I’m currently working on Echo Flower Shawl in Burnt Cacao Beans on Alpaca/Silk lace by Dye for Wool, a colour I adore. I’ve admired this pattern for ages and it wasn’t until I received this skein of yarn that I finally knew it was the right one. Knitting’s like that sometimes. You adore a pattern but it takes ages to find the right yarn and colour to knit it in. I think it’s going to take me another week to finish this. I’m going to add extra repeats of the flower section before I get to the edging as I’m knitting this on #3/3.25mm circa and I think I’m going to need it deeper that the 13 specified repeats. When I get bored, or too tired to knit this, as it really needs concentration I work on my ‘boring’ project.

My other knitting WIP is a sock/fingering weight version of Gaia Revisited. It’s boring in that it’s 3x 3 rib and I don’t need to think about it. The original is knitted in a heavier yarn, which would be fine for winter next year here, but I want to be able to wear this sooner or later and with the spring weather we’ve been having (it was 35 degrees C here yesterday and I know it’s only going to get worse) it isn’t worth me doing anything heavier until “winter” arrives (I’ll get to the reason for the quotation marks another time). So, I’m knitting it in sock (4ply if you prefer to use Oz terms for yarn weight), more stitches and have guessed the depth using the same calculation from the pattern. I like it so far. The yarn is Skein Top Draw Socks in Static, one of my favourite yarn companies.

While I have both of these WIP’s listed on my project page in ravelry, I don’t have photos of either. Actually, I’ve been very lax about taking photos of any of my WIP’s or FO’s lately and I have a lot to take. And a lot of buttons to sew on. I’ve been avoiding it, mainly because one cardigan needs eighteen and the other needs something similar. I think I might need a button sewing on day to get them done.

I do have a writing WIP but since it’s only half written and I am not sure where it’s going, I’m going to stay quiet on that one until I work it all out.

I hope you have a great day/evening wherever you are in the world.