A year on

It’s been a year, well over a year, since I last blogged. I didn’t forget about my blog, rather I was in my final Ph.D year and it was more a matter of needing to keep going with it and get it done.

My Ph.D has been handed in for examination, and there is now nothing I can do until it’s been examined and I hear back, which won’t be for several months yet. In the meantime I’ve been recovering from 4 very long, intense years concentrating on one manuscript.

This has involved a lot of sleeping, reading and knitting. The TBR pile I had stashed is slowly dwindling. There’s been other things I’ve needed to  get done on the computer, but I haven’t been able to sit and look at my computer for more than five minutes at a time. I’ve needed the break from it. I only opened it to check emails and do other minor things.

I have things to blog about (yay!) but I think I’ll break them up and blog individually on each thing.

Hope your year is good so far.