Photos, Editing, editing and more editing. Ugh. Also knitting

Do you like the new photo of leaves at the top of the front page? I do. I took it a few weeks ago of a lipstick maple with a macro lens. I don’t do this often enough and I love how it came out. All I did to the image was to crop it. No filter, no tampering of any sort. My favourite kind of photography.

I’m back into uni work/editing mode and I’m editing two different books at the moment. My uni novel and another one. I’m already over editing. It’s so tedious and if I’m making notes on a copy, as I’m doing with the other one, and laying down, since the copy is on my tablet, I have a tendency to get sleepy and almost doze off.

In response to this I developed a case of castonitis on friday. If you don’t know what that is, it is when you must cast on *all the thing* no matter how many projects you already have on your needles, or how little time you have to actually knit the things. So I went stash diving and pulled out some yarn. Tanis Fiber Arts Pink Label in Pink Grapefruit (a divine colour) for a scarf width version of Kozue, yarn for a secret project and a skein of Wollmeise Twin in Fruling for a shrug I’ve been wanting to knit.

Two of these projects have since been cast on which takes my total WIP to 5, not to mention the two cardigans that need blocking, the two shawls which also need blocking and the two other shawls that need their ends woven end. I really must do something about that.

I did finish a sock over the weekend, Darjeeling. It’s my first time knitting toe up, magic loop and also working JSSBO. I’m really pleased with the fit, even though I ended up ripping most of the foot out after turning the heal the first time as the foot was too long.

I think if I pace myself, and with the help of knitting, I can get through the edit of the PhD novel and really, it’s not a full edit from the start. I did most of it last year and this is really going through my supervisor’s suggestions for the second half that he didn’t get to me until a few weeks ago.

If I can survive the heat in my study. It’s not too bad today, but somedays, even with the help of my fan, which resembles and sounds like an engine taking off, it’s still too hot to work.

Hope you had a great weekend!