Knitting plans 2014

While I’m procrastinating about editing I thought you would all love to know what I’m going to knit this year. Of course you want to know. (BTW, I am actually editing, it’s just very tedious and really boring and the only thing keeping me sane is my cat and a cold milo).

I want to get a few cardigans knitted for winter before winter so I can actually wear them. I would love to knit Wyeth in bright orange, Thyone in grey and purple, and Pumpkin Ale in grey. I have Heathered on the needles and I have a modified Featherweight waiting to be blocked that I’ve CO and finished this year.

I’d love to get some accessories done too. My mum has requested a pair of fingerless mittens and yarn has been found from my stash for those, I just need to sort out a pattern.

At the moment I want to go stash diving for sock yarn and CO, but  that’s procrastination talking. Not that it will stop me from actually going looking.

Back to editing. Have a great day.