Knitting Stats 2013

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while, but got sidetracked with knitting, reading and doing nothing while I have had the chance. But that’s over and I have to get back to PhD work, even though I’d really love to take another week off. I can’t. My PhD is due this year and that means getting back into editing, so I’m catching up with stuff. Including this blog, which I’ve sadly neglected over the last year while I’ve been wading through sub-Roman Britain.

I knitted a lot last year. It helped keep me sane. I kept a record of everything I knitted and thought it would be interesting to see what I knitted and the stats.

In 2013 I knitted:

  • 58 items.
  • 13 Cardigans: Celestite, Madison, Serra, Bellevue, Lea Cardigan (vest), Mama Vertebrae, Summer Dawn, Acer, Enso, Top Down Shoulder Warmer, Rauin, Autumn Whispers, & Paulie.
  • 2 Pullovers/Tops: Irish Coffee, & Gemma.
  • 14 Shawls: Saltwater, Vostok, Premonition, Imagine, Rosa Flora, Kindred Spirit, Jackson Sq Shawl, Thorn, Morticia MKAL, Lonely Leaves Shawl, Firebird, Tern/GBB Shawl, Hitchhiker, & Viajante.
  • 3 pairs of Mittens: Ribbed Hand Warmers, Tracy’s Mitts, T’s Mitts, & Leydon.
  • 8 Beanies: Molly, Ishbel, Rikke, Caliper, Knotted Pine, Barley (Adult), Barley (Toddler), &Dustland.
  • 10 Scarves/Cowls: Strathcona, MS Scarf, Vine Scarf, Bloodwood Cowl, Imagine, MS Scarf 2, DScarf, DScarf 2, MS Scarf 3, ZZ Scarf.
  • 3 pairs of Socks: Cadence, Froddo, & Twisted Flower Socks.
  • 3 Miscellaneous items: Unnamed design, M’s Poncho, & 16 Leafy Washcloths.
  • 8 Gifts: Tracy’s Mitts, Vine Scarf, Froddo, Knotted Pine, MS Scarf 3, M’s Poncho, Leydon, & Dustland.
  • 2 Test Knits: Summer Dawn, & Gemma.
  • 10 Unpublished/Unreleased Designs: Tracy’s Mitts, T’s Mitts, MS Scarf, MS Scarf 2, DScarf, Unnamed Design, MS Scarf 3, M’s Poncho, ZZ Scarf, & Tern/GBB shawl. (These designs are not available.)
  • 1 Published Design: Bloodwood Cowl.
  • 1 WIP’s/Hibernating: Stonecutter’s Cardigan (not listed above).

I knitted more cardigans/tops/pullovers than I thought I had, less accessories, more shawls and I would have liked to have self-published a pattern or two, but didn’t get the time to go through the process properly.

Most of these patterns are available on Ravelry, except for my unpublished/unreleased designs. With my PhD due this year I don’t really have the time at this stage to go through the test knitting/editing/publishing, but I am planning on releasing some of these. You can find my projects on Rav too. Although, I’m hopeless at photographing them! I need to remember to do more of that.


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