Design: Eldwick


I love knitting with Rohrspatz & Wollmeise Lace-Garn. It’s called a lace weight yarn and you’ll find it in Ravelry’s database listed as a lace weight, but in my experience it’s closer to a light fingering weight yarn. This gives it an amazing versatility. I’ve knit at 27 sts/10cm (4 inches) with it and up to 20 sts/10 cm (4 inches) and it works brilliantly at both. I have amassed quite a stash of this yarn. What I love the most? It comes in a ton of colours and once you’re down that rabbit hole… well, sable* is the result.


I had this idea to knit a rectangular shawl in WM Lace that was reversible and could be squished up to wear as a scarf as well. I dived into my stash and hauled out a skein of Jeton. Now, this is a named skein of Jeton, but it’s a really dark version so it doesn’t look like the Jeton I’d originally expected to get. But I do love it.

I then swatched the original stitch I had in mind, worked out how many stitches I needed to cast on and got to work knitting the sample and writing instructions up as I went. Only, I didn’t like it. This happens, but it’s annoying and frustrating to sit there looking at your knitting and realise that you just don’t like it. SONY DSC

So I frogged it and picked another stitch pattern, really at random, then modified it to be reversible. It wasn’t quite what I was after and I was still annoyed with the original stitch pattern not working, so I still wasn’t pleased with the knitting. Until I got a few inches into it. Then, like magic, it worked.

SONY DSCIt’s an amazing thing when that happens. You’re not sure you like the pattern, not sure if it will work and, confession, may have chosen the new stitch pattern partly because you didn’t need to alter the number of stitches cast on. Then, it work. And it works better than you expected. So you blitz through knitting the sample just to see what it blocks out like.

This is Eldwick (not the name I gave it while I was knitting and I will forever think of the yarn overs in this pattern as port holes).

* stash acquired beyond life expectency


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