Well? Isn’t that what the tree is for?

Last year was Riley’s first Christmas, so of course once the tree was inside and decorated, this happened:

His reaction, upon seeing the tree in the house and decorated was to run straight at it and climb up, perch himself on the branches and try to get the decorations off. The look he had for week was *best present ever!* The result of this, is that the tree still has cat shaped holes in the branches, despite any attempt to fix it.

This year, when the tree was duly brought out, assembled and decorated, Riley’s did it again:

Riley has also attempted to add a new feat to this. He’s taken to running down the passage full tilt and launching himself at the tree. The first time I saw him try this, he got tangled in tinsel.

Have a great Christmas/Chanukah/holiday season everyone, and if you don’t celebrate any holy days at this time of year, enjoy the time off!