Spider Season

It’s spider season at my place and that means the house gets invaded by a lot of spiders, most of them are either wolf or huntsmen. This, I understand. It’s nice in my house. Better than outside in the heat and the bonus is the inside of the house resembles a tree. If you think I’m joking about this, I’m not. Sometimes it feels like I live inside a tree with all the wood in this place, but I digress. You would think I would be used to this by now, but sadly I’m not. There are several things which I still fail to remember and only recall at 3 am when I am playing spider chasey around my bedroom.

1. That spiders ALWAYS end up in my bedroom no matter how they got into the house. Seriously. I know I should be used to this, but I’m not. I’ve had a 4″ spider on my pillows this week, and another one I lost under the bed last night. I think that one wasn’t the one I originally saw last night either.

2. That when Sophie the blue burmese stares at the walls there might actually be something there. See, I say might because she has this fun little game with me of staring at whatever on the walls or ceiling, all wide eyed and when I go to look at what she’s staring at and see nothing, then look back at her she usually has a grin on face telling me: gotcha! You can see why I don’t trust her wall staring opinion.

3. That when Riley the ginger monster props himself up on my bedhead and batts the walls, there is something there. He isn’t one to do this unless there is actually something on the walls. He likes spiders. They’re fun to skitter along the tiles. I’ve seen him do this in the family room. He batts them, they look scared, try to get away, so he batts them again.

4. That a spider is going to reveal itself to me in my bedroom either when a) I’ve just gone to bed or am about to; b) I am just about to go to sleep; or c) I’ve turned the lights off and am attempting to sleep.

At least the events of Saturday night were better than last night. That 4″ spider was far easier to deal with. See, that one was nice, it was calmly sitting on my euro (continental) pillow on my bed. I figure because of its size it’s wasn’t so scared of me as the one last night was. Of course, there was only one solution to getting this huge spider out of my room alive so I could sleep. Can you guess?

I threw the pillow out the window.

Problem solved. I even went outside to retrieve the pillow and found the spider sitting near a pile of leaves. It looked a little dazed and baffled by what had just happened. I’m not surprised. If I’d been comfy and and snuggled on a squishy pillow like it was then found myself being thrown out a window, I’d be a little dazed too.

Have a great Christmas/Happy Holidays etc etc. I’m looking forward to sleeping without spiders in my room, but I really shouldn’t be writing that hey? It’s inviting trouble.