July 2013


It’s thursday afternoon and I’ve given up trying to get much of anything done as my shoulder has decided to start aching and it’s making typing annoying as I keep having to stop and start, resting it so it doesn’t get worse. I know why it’s doing it, but it’s annoying. I want to finish […]

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New Email

I have a new email address! I’ve been meaning to do this and add this here for a while. Since it’s friday, my uni work is boring, I’m tired and it’s the end of the day setting up a new email address and telling you all about it seemed like a much better idea. So,

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Knitting Wants

There are always designs, both of my own dreaming and others, that I want to knit *now*. I have a few cardigans in my Ravelry queue, recently finishing knitting Acer Cardigan by Amy Christoffers and I’m planning on casting on another one of hers, Stonecutters Cardigan, soon. Well, as soon as I finish the scarf

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I didn’t meant to leave it this long between posts, really I didn’t. I’ve been caught up with my PhD and knitting. While I meant to post, I always remembered while I was in the middle of something else, or when it was really late at night when I was half asleep. So, what have

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