October 2012


Happy Halloween/Samhain/Beltain wherever you are in the world. Growing up Halloween wasn’t a popular festival to celebrate. I didn’t go trick or treating and the only chance I got for a party was when a friend had one to celebrate her birthday a few days later. It hasn’t been a ‘thing’ here to do and […]

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Apologies for the lack of posts over the last few days. I meant to post friday, but didn’t because this happened: I’ll get to what it is and what it was supposed to be tomorrow. Saturday didn’t happen because it was my birthday. I had a fabulous day. Had pancakes for breakfast: Got these from my

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Want to see the book I’m working on? While it may not be what you expected, that is my book, or at least, how it started out. This is a film/scriptwriting habit I picked up at uni. Each card is a scene/location and it has the plot points of what needs to happen in that

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